Our Appeal

Our next programme is to construct a second floor building where more than 100 students can find a room for them. But the hurdle is the money to do it. More than Rupees 20 Lakhs is required for this purpose. Our appeal to the public is to come forward remembering Swami Vivekananda's Prophetic sayings - "It is our privilege to be allowed to be charitable".



Latest News


7th - Nov - 2008

Help them get on their feet. A home in howrah teaches children from underprivileged families to be self -reliant.

{ The Telegraph}
1st - May - 2006

A public exhibition of wide life size 51 paintings for permanent display on Swamiji's life.

{Ananda Bazaar Patrika}
Quote Of The Day

The only definition that can be given of morality is this: That which is selfish is immoral, and that which is unselfish is moral.

- Swami Vivekananda


Dipan Bandhyapadhya Prathamik Sikhsayatan with Residential Facility

Residential students are the heart of this sangha where boys of downtrodden and destitute families numbering 100 irrespective of caste and creed are inculcated here. They are taught education regularly with co-curricular activities. Not only that sports, prayers and other subjects are delivered to them regularly. The efficient and renowned teachers teach them here with great care..

This sangha bear all expenses to teach them. This sangha also has proper arrangement for their food and lodging. Besides this 20 outsiders are taught regularly in our Night School with great care and sincerity..